Boca women’s sunglasses, fashionable classic sunglasses with UV400 protection for outdoor/driving use

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Premium Women’s Sunglasses (UV Protection) Sport Outdoor Activity Driving Glasses

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Brand: Boca Juniors,Product includes microfibre cloth and glasses case
★ STYLISH PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYESWe designed our sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while you’re out and about, all while looking glamorous. Whether you’re driving, walking or working, male or female, be prepared for all the attention and admiration from those who can’t guess your little secret: your UV protection sunglasses.
★ Easier Every Day These sunglasses come with our long-tested UV protection lenses. The polarised lenses reduce glare from mirrors, shiny or polished materials or any other sunlight reflection. You’ll feel permanent relaxation in your eyes because you’re no longer squinting! Whether you’re driving to work or sunbathing on the beach, at the end of the day you’ll feel less tired because your eyes will be more relaxed.
See the world in true colourOur HD lenses are coated with a neutral colour coating that eliminates reflected and scattered light, providing you with true colour perception and clear vision. So you can enjoy your sunglasses during all outdoor activities, driving, fishing or any water sport. Imagine how good you will feel when you don’t have to worry about the health of your eyes while enjoying and appreciating every beautiful detail of the world. ★ Product ParametersThe width of these sunglasses is 151mm, the length of the temples is 148mm, the height of the frames is 48mm, the width of the frames is 53mm, the material: PC, the total mass: 26.8g, suitable for women.


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