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Yinyin Store is a unique retail shop specializing in a wide range of jewelry, accessories, handicrafts, and Chinese classical artworks. Additionally, we offer purchasing services for local Chinese cosmetics and skincare products. Our carefully selected items aim to provide customers with the highest quality and distinctive designs, reflecting the rich heritage of Chinese culture. Yinyin Store is committed to integrity, professionalism, and innovation, striving to offer excellent products and attentive service to every customer. We warmly welcome your visit.

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yinyin sunglasses
Committed to trendy sunglasses

The manufacturer is a well-known Chinese eyewear company that produces sunglasses for various global brands.

Children's sunglasses

Discount of 10-20%

Yinyin's best-selling products



They are typically used as talismans, symbolizing good fortune, health, and longevity.


Authentic Ancient Chinese Heritage Art – Mystical Oriental Magic


Crafted from hand-selected agate, it’s a masterpiece of traditional Chinese craftsmanship


In the mysterious waters, she sails alongside the Black Pearl.


made of titanium steel.


Pearls are sourced from the Xisha Islands in Hainan, China, a special protected area

Retro Creative Lamps

Romance & Surprise&Light up your house and farm


Vintage lantern&romantic

I know you're looking forward to a quiet night, just you and her... On a quiet night, light a vintage lantern, letting its soft glow envelop you and her. The warmth and romance of the light make every moment unforgettable and beautiful.

A beautiful Earth night light

Rechargeable Earth night light, illuminating your nights. Under its soft glow, feel as if you're surrounded by stars, enjoying peace and warmth. Make every night full of dreamy colors.

Portable camping lantern

Light up your adventures with our portable camping lantern. Compact, reliable, and ready for any outdoor excursion. Illuminate your path, create memories under the stars, and let the journey shine.
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